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 Just a shout-out to RUSH Athletics and trainer Joe Williams. I have been in physical training with him since September and have experience a tremendous difference in my body. I.e.Strength, endurance, and weight loss.  I feel great! 

                                                       George H. (Facebook Nov. 2010) 
Rush Athletics is AMAZING!!! The workout is thorough and motivates me to want to exercise more and more! I feel great after each session!!! Thanks so much!
                                                                                                    Jen J(Facebook Oct. 2010) 


Just wanted to send a shout out to Coach Williams of Rush Athletics. In 30 days, I was able to not only shed 9 pounds and obtain more strength and stronger cardio, but after visiting my doctor, he told me was taking me off HALF of my blood pressure meds. His exact words were “Terrell, if all my patients do what you are doing now, I’d be out of practice!”  Thank you Rush for giving me back my life!

                                                         Terrell W. (Facebook Oct. 2010)

I love RUSH Athletics!

                                         Kya J. (Facebook Sept. 2010)


 “Joseph is an excellent trainer. He has worked with my husband and children on nutrition and personal fitness. The results have been seen by all our family and friends. I appreciate his dedication and knowledge on health and fitness.”

                                         Karen B. (LinkedIn Sept. 2010)


 “…adding Joe Williams as a personal trainer has given me a way of life that allows me to feel good, look good and be health.”

                              Anthony M. (Hand written July 2010)


 “Since training with Coach Joe I am faster and stronger.  These skills will help in my position as a striker and mid-fielder.  I really wanted extra endurance.  I am so excited to start my soccer season.”

                    Staci B.  age 11 (Hand written Aug. 2010)


 Training with Joe has greatly increased my strength…my confidence is much higher.  I look forward to my sessions and I love the results…the flexible schedule of Rush is excellent and what I was looking for.

                  Kelly B. age 38 (Hand written Aug. 2010)


 Thanks for all that you’re doing for my son. God has given you a wonderful vision and I am glad to be apart of your vision and watch it grow!!

                                                   Leslie S. (Facebook April 2010)


“Joseph (Joe) has been a great personal trainer for my 15 year old daughter. My daughter sought training from Joe for his assistance with increasing her speed, agility and personal strength; Joe was instrumental in helping her attend her goals. Training sessions were reasonable in cost and his schedule was flexible.”  (soccer).                                               Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

                                   Johanna & Ciara  (LinkedIn July 2011)

I have played sports since I was 3 years old and I exercise regularly. Over one year ago, I opted for a change in my exercise regimen, and I hired Joe to personally train me. His price beat any personal trainer by far and his workout beats any gym/other workout I have experienced prior. I was not sure what to expect when working with Joe at first. However, after my first workout with him, I realized that I had the ultimate best workout I have ever had in my life. Joe is not only very knowledgeable about his practice, but also creative in his workouts, motivating, reliable, patient, and extremely personable. He initially assessed my goals and any limitations I had, and wrote an exercise plan to fit me perfectly. Leaving my first workout with Joe, I felt invigorated, and was amazed at the various types of exercises Joe created for me. I highly recommend Joe as a personal trainer to everyone (all ages, with any goal and limitations). I can guarantee that after working out with Joe, you will feel great, and see amazing effects on your body in a short period of time.

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

                                    Jen J. (LinkedIn Aug 2011)